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St. Stephan Capital Partners was set up by Christoph Traunig as an internal services platform for related Special Purpose Vehicles which were structured for developments and investments. Since inception, the firm has provided cross-sector corporate finance services inter alia in fintech and commercial real estate.

As of 2022, the firm’s operations were changed to a family office taking care of its owner's professional and partially private business holdings and investments. The firm does not cater to outside clients but only manages and partially controls subsidiaries operations and administration.

The firm and its owner have managed a significant amount of transactions and investments over the years. St. Stephan Capital Partners is continuously looking for interns, who will meet an array of tasks in a variety of competencies including corporate finance/M&A, wealth management and administrative duties, enjoying learnings from cross-sector exposure along the way. For further information, contact

We deliver added value.

Kohlmarkt 1

1010 Wien, Austria




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